Mr. Knight

A native of brooklyn with a gift for talent development. He has 12 consecutive years of retail management experience.

Mrs. Knight

A native of Alabama and comes from a family of entrepreneurs. She has worked in the retail and sales industry since the age of 10; currently has 3 years retail management experience.


We maintain a networking community of black businesses, professionals, semi- professionals, and students in the Tri-State area. Our free events and services will allow entities to further grow their business and reach a larger audience through our network. Consumers will have free acess to our directory and hosted events. We coordinate low cost marketing and promotion for businesses in our network.  


  • EST. February 2016
  • Incorporated June 2016
  • Black owned business directory coming soon in 2021


The founders, London and Victoria Knight, both have strong backgrounds in retail sales. They have a combined total of 25 years experience in operations, sales analysis, inventory management, logistics, loss prevention, human rescource, and customer relations. Learning from over 13 company structures, the couple decided to spread their wealth of knowledege in their own black community.

Large corporations discourage individuality and expression which inevitably results in short comings in one area of their service operations. Resolutions often came after millions of dollars were spent on pilot programs, new initiatives, marketing schemes, gimmicks, and even litigations. The founders had a first hand look at the common mistakes, remedies, and solutions and became confident in sharing wisdom and expertise.

Both are equally passionate about empowering the black community to look within themselves to gain financial stability and confidence to reach their goals. With the results of the past election, economic empowerment is the key to survival and freedom for all americans. The #1 priority at Obsidian Source is providing a way for black business and consumerism to build up the black community!


Monday - Friday: 9AM - 6PM
Saturday: 10AM - 7PM
Sunday: Closed

Brooklyn, New York 


Call: 347 446 2427


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